Medical Directorship

We can provide clinical and administrative oversight for your company's health programs. Our physicians are licensed in NY, CA, MA, 

Some examples
  • On call medical services to over 130 film and TV productions
  • Medical Directorship for programs established by a national pharmacy chain
  • Launch of a flu immunization program for a real estate company
  • Traveling physician services for a 60-piece touring orchestra
  • Medical Directorship for a concierge telemedicine service
  • Consulting/Advising services for health technology/telemedicine companies
  • Web-based video MD consult service for busy union workers
Growing health care in unexpected places

phone/fax: 888-777-4199

Consulting & Advising

RemoteCare Solutions solves health care challenges through creative uses of human resources and technology. We leverage the rich health care and technology resources available in Boston/Cambridge Massachusetts  - including Harvard, MIT and a multitude of local organizations, companies, and talented individuals.  Clinicians, technologists, students, and business development experts can be contracted or volunteer as consultants for your unique health care program or project.